Emergency Savings Salon

The Emergency Savings Salon took place May 6-7, 2013. A summary of the proceedings is available here.

Attendees participated in the following discussions:

Discussion 1: Emergency Savings through Housing Interventions
– Emergency Savings for Shelter Residents
– Expanding Economic Opportunity through Renter Equity
– “Save at Home”: Building Savings One Mortgage Payment at a Time

Discussion 2: Making an Impact with Scalable Saving Mechanisms
– Building Financial Capability: TANF Bank Accounts
– Refund to Savings: Creating Contingency Savings at Tax Time
– The SaveUSA Coalition

Discussion 3: Product Innovations for Emergency Savings
– Skipping the Latte: Building Emergency Savings through “Impulse Saving”
– Prosperity SmartSave Card: An Incentivized Emergency Savings Strategy
– Accelerating Low Income Savings
– Big Dreams Start with Small Savings

Discussion 4: Building Emergency Saving Components into Programs
– Incorporating a Savings Component into the Debt Management Plan
– Who Said Pigs Can’t Fly? A Grass Roots Approach to Emergency Savings
– Start2Save: A Pilot Matched Savings Program to Build, Access and Sustain Emergency Savings

Discussion 5: Promising Strategies & Future Directions for Developing Emergency Savings