What others are saying

A Fragile Balance shines a spotlight on the realities families face when trying to set aside money for unexpected emergencies. Hopefully this book will serve to educate, motivate, and challenge the Fin-Tech industry to develop scalable solutions with positive returns on investment that help consumers overcome behavioral biases and inspire change.”
Frank Kaplan, Senior Vice President for Business Development, NetSpend Corporation

“Liquid savings are an essential tool that can help families weather economic shocks and build a brighter future. But in today’s economy, building even a modest financial cushion is harder than ever.  This book goes far beyond making the case for emergency savings – it points a path forward with crisp analysis and creative solutions. It is a must read for anyone who is serious about strengthening household economic security in America today.”
Andrea Levere, President, Corporation for Enterprise Development

“The Federal Reserve Board’s 2013 survey on economic well-being found that only 48% of respondents would be able to come up with $400 in emergency expenses. Anyone who has faced an unexpected bill knows the stress that that creates-and the stress is even higher when there are no savings.  When so many families are financially fragile, this timely volume describes promising savings programs that can insulate millions from financial ups and downs.”
Beadsie Woo, Senior Associate, Annie E. Casey Foundation